Electro Optical Industries, formerly HGH Infrared Systems, Continues to Expand Their Infrared Products to the Cement and Lime Industries

06/20/2017 02:02 pm

Following their debut show as the newly formed Electro Optical Industries at IEEE Cement Conference, former HGH Infrared Systems looks to broaden their reach and services to the Cement and Lime industries.

From May 21st – 23rd in Alberta, Calgary, Electro Optical Industries, formerly HGH Infrared Systems, exhibited at the 59th annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Conference and Expo. This marked the first time since their merger last year that Electro Optical Industries presented at the conference.

Electro Optical Industries markets and maintains the unique infrared products designed for both the internal and external real-time thermal monitoring of rotary kilns in the cement, lime and paper industries: Kilnscan and Pyroscan. Their award-winning Kilnscan, is an infrared shell scanner that can create a full 3D image of the entire shell of the rotary kiln, offering a complete and exclusive toolbox to support its operation and to provide a full predictive maintenance program. the Kilnscan's very high spatial resolution allows for it to detect a single refractory brick and will warn of any hot spot at the earliest sign of failure. Since its introduction, over 1,300 Kilnscan have been installed and are currently in use. Pyroscan is a pyrometric, high temperature thermography camera that provides temperature monitoring within the kiln, producing images with a 1.2 megapixel resolution. A rugged and robust tool, the Pyroscan operates in extreme environments, with temperatures ranging from 700° C up to 1800° C.

The merger with Electro Optical Industries will further enhance their services and capabilities with offices now in Santa Barbara, CA and Boston, MA.