Electro Optical Industries and SRI Sarnoff demonstrate the View360 at TNT

08/24/2012 01:39 pm

EOI and SRI Sarnoff team up to demo the View360 solution at the TNT experimentation events.

On August 8th, Electro Optical Industries and SRI Sarnoff successfully demonstrated their View360 solution at the Tactical Network Testbed (TNT) experimentation events organized by USSOCOM in cooperation with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) at Camp Roberts, CA. The demonstration was conducted in unimproved expeditionary-like conditions. The IR Revolution 360 was mounted on a Humvee equipped with Sarnoff’s View360 Kit for Situational Awareness. The solution provides 360 degree situational awareness on the move thanks to the high resolution, 12 Megapixels, panoramic image provided by the IR Revolution 360 and easy interface through the View360 display a touch screen HD ruggedized barco. Once stationary, detection and tracking capabilities can be activated to allow for long range perimeter surveillance over the whole panorama in near real time. The SRI Sarnoff display integrates the detection and tracking capabilities of the IR Revolution 360 with an interface fully designed for mobile applications. The software also  provides forensics capabilities: on reconnaissance missions, the surroundings can be fully recorded and replayed at a later time for analysis. The View360 kit includes hardware, mounting, software, screen, PC and training. The kit can easily be assembled in 4 hours by two men in the field. The two companies had last demonstrated their mobile situational awareness solution at Camp Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Indiana in June.