Electro Optical Industries Wins Innovation Award for their RCN Blackbodies at ENOVA in Paris

12/13/2013 06:03 pm

EOI receives the Innovation Award as winner in the productivity/profitability category for RCN Blackbodies.

At the ENOVA Paris show, Electro Optical Industries was honored at the Innovation Awards as the winner in the Productivity/Profitability category for their cool speed technology on their RCN blackbody products.  The ENOVA show attracts the most groundbreaking new technology in electronic measurement, vision and optics fields with over 450 exhibitors in attendance over the three days showcasing the best in technological innovation.  

The products in the Productivity/Profitability group demonstrate increased productivity, process optimization, and innovation and creativity of the technology. Electro Optical Industries has developed their best-selling RCN blackbody product to highly reduce its temperature stabilization time while maintaining its high radiometric performance. This advanced technology allows engineers using high temperature blackbodies to work more efficiently within the context of research and development projects.  

To find out more about the technology behind this product, please download the paper presented at SPIE Security + Defence 2013, in Dresden. 

Catherine Barrat - "Improving cooling of cavity blackbodies" - SPIE # 8896-20  

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