Electro Optical Industries’ Present unique Blackbody with unparalleled Emissivity

10/28/2014 05:40 pm

At the SPIE Remote Sensing Conference in Amsterdam last month, Electro Optical Industries, a global provider of infrared solutions for over thirty years, presented their findings on evaluating performances of vacuum dedicated blackbodies.

As Vincent Leboucher, Engineering Manager and Catherine Barrat, SBU Manager for Electro Optical Industries’ Test and Measurement product line explained, vacuum blackbodies are unique in that they must combine the performance of traditional infrared reference sources with specific features in order to operate in a vacuum chamber.  Since their usual application is to calibrate and test IR sensors used on satellites, earth or space radiation simulation, vacuum blackbodies’ regular features include emissions over an ultra-extended temperature range, extremely high emissivity, and extremely high uniformity of the emissive surface. As the above-mentioned features surpass the accuracy of standard measuring tools, EOI has developed new ones to correctly gage the performances of these highly emissive IR sensors. 

With a wide variety of reference infrared sources equipment covering both high and low temperature ranges, Electro Optical Industries can also design customized, specific infrared sources based on requests to fit a multitude of applications. Electro Optical Industries RCN cavity blackbody was recognized as the 2013 winner in the Productivity/Profitability category at the ENOVA Paris Innovation Awards.  

The SPIE, or the International Society of Optics and Photonics, Remote Sensing conference focuses on the importance of providing international scientists and researchers access to the most recent satellite-based imaging systems and data accompanying them and to in turn share this information with people within the government and scientific industries. Electro Optical Industries, headquartered Santa Barbara, is proud to continue providing innovative, high performance infrared solutions to accurately test and calibrate IR sources for civil, industrial, and defense applications.