Electro Optical Industries Continues its Expansion into Night Vision Goggle Testing with debut of Field Portable NV-2020

09/14/2017 06:11 pm

Electro Optical Industries' newest advancement in their night vision goggle testing products, NV2020, will make its debut at AUSA 2017 in October. 

Following the success of their NV-2500 night vision goggle test kit, Electro Optical Industries’ has added to their growing line of digital night vision goggle testing with the debut of the NV-2020.

The NV-2020 is a compact and portable Night Vision Device (NVD) infinity focus and optical alignment system and that allows the user to accurately adjust goggles just before a mission. It presents a resolution pattern at correct infinity focus to both NVD channels at once, thus, providing a quick and proper adjustment of all goggle operational parameters.

EOI’s NV-2020 is the new standard for night vision goggle infinity focus and mechanical alignment. Its field-portable, battery powered design ensures a rapid deployment to provide optimum performance night vision goggles aiding in successful nighttime missions for defense and law enforcement applications.

EOI will be exhibiting their Night Vision goggle testing line at the Annual Association of the US Army (AUSA) 2017 from October 9-11th on Booth 3338.