Electro Optical Industries Celebrates Milestone Anniversary on Continued Path to Success

06/27/2017 04:35 pm

Electro Optical Industries Celebrates their one year anniversary after merging with HGH Infrared Systems in June 2016.

This month marks one year since Electro Optical Industries separated from its prior ownership, Channel Technologies Group and partnered with HGH Infrared Systems. The Electro Optical Industries (EOI) name was retained for the newly formed entity.

The new company, EOI offers an expanded product line and additional service offerings. Previous EOI customers will now find 360° perimeter IR cameras and thermography systems and prior HGH customers will discover integrating sphere illuminance sources among the broadened product offerings.

Commenting on the anniversary, Thierry Campos, President of Electro Optical Industries, Inc. said: “One year into this process we are making excellent progress towards our goals of growing the range of solutions we bring to our customers and expanding our worldwide presence. The merger also allows for continued product improvements through mutualized innovation efforts, bringing flexibility and modularity of design, high performance for meeting and exceeding customer requirements.”

With an office in Boston, Massachusetts and a recently upgraded, relocation in Santa Barbara, California, EOI offers efficient and reliable customer support regardless of the location or need.