CoolSpeed on RCN

09/23/2013 10:02 am

Improving cooling of cavity blackbodies.

HGH Infrared Systems is offering to engineers a new way of working with a high temperature cavity blackbody as reference sources to characterize and calibrate near-IR and IR sensors. Until now, the particularly long thermal inertia of this kind of device, key elements in characterization benches, has had to be taken into account in test strategy. It could contribute to a major shift in project schedules, in case of unexpected results during test campaigns. HGH Infrared Systems has developed an innovative internal structure on its best-selling RCN1200N1 blackbody to highly reduce its temperature stabilization time. The CoolSpeed system nearly cuts in half the cooling duration of a cavity blackbody without altering its technical features such as high emissivity, high speed warm up and high stability. Now, with cavity blackbodies equipped with CoolSpeed, it is no longer necessary to calibrate systems exclusively by increasing temperatures. CoolSpeed brings high flexibility to users, especially in the context of Research and Development projects.