Annual Construction Equipment Theft Report Reveals a Frightening New Trend

01/09/2017 07:13 pm

With an increasing trend of theft and vandalism occurring at construction sites; don’t leave your site vulnerable. Electro-Optical Industries offers a solution to theft in the construction industry.

On November 1st, LoJack released its annual Construction Equipment Theft and Recovery study. In this report, they reveal that from just LoJack equipped vehicles alone, the cost of theft was upwards of around $6.6 million. Construction sites are appearing everywhere as part of the U.S. economic recovery, which only makes construction theft even more common.

You can read the full report here:

Theft from construction sites costs the industry millions of dollars every year. Construction equipment is often targeted by thieves because it is often poorly secured, high in value, and easily disguisable. Whether it is equipment or supplies left on-site, there is a significant chance for theft to occur. Even if it only happens once a year, it would be enough to possibly put you over budget and lose revenue in the future.

As a high resolution “optical radar” with automatic and real time detection of simultaneous and unlimited targets within a 360-degree panoramic image, Spynel-M made by Electro-Optical Industries could be the solution to the millions of dollars lost in construction site related theft. One single Spynel-M sensor can replace up to 16 traditional cameras. The Spynel-M’s convenient size makes it perfect for on the go mobile construction sites. Once construction is done, simply pack it up and bring it to your next project.