• NEW! Panoramic Fever Screening in crowds with mIRcury

    07/09/2020 01:46 pm

    With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading around the globe, we developed a brand new Temperature Measurement and Fever-detection technology. Our Panoramic Fever Screening camera mIRcury was designed to measure skin-surface temperatures in wide and crowded environments, in order to achieve fast and efficient preliminary fever screening in busy public areas. 

  • EOI, an HGH company, part of the LAX Terminal Wellness Pilot Program for Real-time fever screening at Los Angeles Airport!

    06/25/2020 01:16 pm

    This week was marked by the launch of the Enhanced Body Temperature (EBT) Screening Program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The program aims at monitoring the temperature of multiple travellers arriving from other countries and of those departing, using special thermal cameras to identify people with elevated temperatures. We are very proud to be part of this program, and to have developed a Panoramic Fever-Screening camera based on our Thermal Imaging and Temperature Measurement expertise.

  • HGH, Electro Optical Industries's parent company invites you to its first webinar on Perimeter Security

    06/22/2020 05:30 pm

    Are you looking for a thermal security camera capable to detect multiple threats at long range distance, night and day, to protect your infrastructure?

    With its unique panoramic detection, SPYNEL thermal imaging cameras ensure continuous surveillance of the physical perimeter. They provide advanced capabilities to detect and track in real-time threats inside and outside the perimeter of an infrastructure.

    Register here! 

    Perimeter security webinar July 8
  • Introducing our new tagline!

    01/21/2020 07:53 am

    “Enlighten the Unseen" demonstrates our unique position, not only as the optronic expert of optical scenes, but also in how we do business, with passion and innovation.

  • HGH expands its brand name Worldwide

    03/25/2019 12:46 pm

    HGH Infrared Systems, the expert in electro-optics and thermal technologies for civil, defence and industrial applications is developing its brand image and communication strategy to better reflect its position as a global leader in the optronics market.