Internship Offer: Marketing Materials

Electro Optical Industries ( is currently looking for a Marketing Intern to participate on new projects with our Sales and Marketing team.  Emphasis will be on Marketing Materials. This position is located in Boston, MA.

EOI specializes in the design and manufacture of photonics test equipment, optical metrology products, infrared surveillance cameras and thermal imaging cameras. EOI has been rewarded many times for its innovation, and is currently experiencing strong growth, particularly with our Panoramic Surveillance Cameras and our Test and Measurement products.

Located downtown Boston in an energetic shared work space, easy transportation, lots of amenities. International position interfacing with both US and European operations.

Internal training will be provided. Flexible hours.

Mission: Review and revise all of our Social Media output and Marketing Materials such as handouts at Tradeshows.

Experience required with Twitter, Linkedin, Adobe Suite and Office.

Interested? Contact: