Vehicle based surveillance

With vehicle-based surveillance becoming more popular, for either convoy and urban mission or crowd control efforts, responsiveness to potential security threats while on the move is crucial. However, traditionally, 360-degree situational awareness from inside a vehicle has not been possible.

Spynel-S on Robbox vehicule from Sera Inginierie

Challenges to vehicle applications include: 

  • Operators orientation while vehicle is constantly changing directions
  • Automated intrusion detection and tracking
  • Stabilization on vehicle and resistance to shocks 
  • Lack of space, keyboard, smaller display


Whether on the move or stationary, Spynel can be mounted on a vehicle to provide situational awareness for military convoys and public safety missions. With Spynel's thermal imaging, the operator is ensured an all-weather, 24/7 persistent solution that can be integrated with touchscreen displays, to effectively and efficiently operate in small, confined areas like vehicles. 

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