Mega Yacht Security: SPYNEL Camera on Board for Night&Day 24/7 Thermal Surveillance

Private mega yacht owners with luxury floating assets have become soft targets for piracy and international terrorism. Modern threats come in all shapes and sizes, including divers, swimmers, RIBs, UAVs, which are currently not detectable by conventional security equipments such as radars.


The Anti-Piracy solution, at sea and in port

Early detection is the key to preventing successful attacks on mega yachts.

With its 24/7 and large area surveillance capabilities, SPYNEL thermal camera can detect, track and record an unlimited number of threats or objects up to 15 km distant.

SPYNEL has become part of the must-have security equipment of mega yachts


SPYNEL Key Features for Mega Yacht Security

- Provide a 360° video stream and long-range surveillance up to the horizon

- Early panoramic detection, real-time tracking and video recording of any threats even very small, undetectable by any other security devices

- Facilitate night navigation and improve range without the need of lighting

- Can be used at sea, at port or near the coast, 24/7, night and day, even in adverse weather conditions

- Can be used as a stand-alone surveillance system or be part of a complete surveillance solution

- Easy-to-use CyclopeTM software software

HGH’s thermal sensor is the ultimate solution to face increased piracy threats around the world, including many popular ports in the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida, the Mediterranean, Mexico, South Pacific, Singapore, Maldives, Africa, Gulf of Suez, Oman, Aden or the Arabic Sea.

Cutting-edge technology for Mega Yacht security

The new V-LRF option available for the Spynel-S features a visible HD image channel to enhance threat identification and raise doubt as well as a Laser Range Finder to measure the threat distance while keeping continuous tracking. In addition, the new alarm management module of CyclopeTM 5.0 software provides new advanced capabilities to distinguish abnormal behavior of a target and trigger appropriate alarms.

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