Combustion thermal monitoring

With recent fuel restrictions, the use of alternative fuels is more and more prevalent. While rotary kilns have been utilized for decades, monitoring its burning remains difficult and even more so when energy sustainability has become so important in this day and age. The flame pattern, size, and temperature within a combustion chamber remain crucial indicators in ensuring this process is achieved. 

3 simultaneous images of kiln burner


The kiln burner flame and coolers, some of the most integral parts of a cement clinker’s production process are not always well monitored. Providing reliable temperature reading inside the kiln at the burner side, even in a dusty environment, is not an easy task and requires rugged and reliable tools.


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Pyroscan is a pyrometric camera that displays high-quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images which shows the full picture with incredible detail in both the dark and bright areas that are normally difficult to view. Able to provide reliable temperature readings for an unlimited number of user-defined measurements points, even in extremely dusty environments, Pyroscan provides the full thermal visual of temperature measurements in the clinker area and flame shape monitoring with customizable analysis lines.

It also helps to monitor red rivers and avalanches inside the grate cooler.


  • Image of flame length/width and black root length 
  • Video streaming over IP 
  • Historical database for video and temperature measurements 
  • Accurate temperature monitoring even in dusty environments 
  • Effective, constant monitoring of any changes in the combustion area 
  • Comprehensive tool for burner adjustment, especially for firing alternative fuels